Respect Your Mother
April 23, 2007, 1:04 pm
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It’s important to ALWAYS Respect you Mom. And just like you Respect your Mom,.. you should equally Respect Your Mother EARTH! And that’s exactly what you’ll be saying and doing with this tee designed by Local Celebrity.

” Local Celebrity has teamed up with Hollywood’s favorite non-profit organization, Global Green USA, to bring you this extra flavorful, t-shirt based, environmental campaign.  Money generated from each Respect Your Mother shirt sold is being donated to Global Green USA, specifically targeting issues associated with global warming.  The campaign was officially launched at the Global Green Oscars party in February, generating a huge buzz among some of Hollywood’s finest.  If you’re not driving a gas sipping hybrid car yet(neither am I), then you can at least rock one of these RYM shirts knowing that your money is being used to help this great cause. ”

With yesterday being Earth Day,.. it’s a perfect time to pick up this tee. Show both your MOMS some R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Printed on 100% organic Cotton > $22.50 Available @ Local Celebrity


Happy Earth Day!
April 22, 2007, 12:55 pm
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Our home. Be good to it.

To learn more about Earth Day click > here

Logan Real Red Collection
April 20, 2007, 4:07 pm
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I’m not sure if Logan Real’s custom designed shoes are “officially” a part of Bono’s Product (Red) Campaign. To be honest,.. I don’t really care. All I know is that #1 It’s a great idea to see other people use the color RED for GOOD. And #2 These shoes are a breath of fresh air Compa(RED) to some of the other (RED) products we’ve seen in the past.


Instead of screaming (RED)! They just whisper,.. “yeah,.. I know what’s up”

10% of the net online sales from the Logan Real Red Collection will go toward the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

This dude from Miami has talent and a conscience,.. not to mention more custom shoes to choose from,.. plus some real nice tees and some stunning leather goods,.. go check him out!

Via > Logan Real Red

6500ft Baby!
April 18, 2007, 12:02 pm
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Ooops! I meant to write about this when it was out at the Santa Monica Pier on 3.10.07,.. but it’s still definitely worth a mention.


This world famous 6,500 square foot baby was photographed by renowned artist Wim Tellier. He gave birth to this massively creative idea to support the Make A Wish Foundation Belgium.

I’m not sure where it’s currently at? (if you know drop a comment) But you can still purchase some pieces of this cute little 6500ft Baby. My guesstimate is there’s about 120 pieces left. Prices ranging from 1-600 GBP,.. get a piece and support the creativity and cause today!

Via > Trendhunter

Cameron Sinclair
April 10, 2007, 4:14 pm
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I didn’t know anything about Cameron Sinclair a few days ago. I have to say I am completely amazed at the work he is doing.  After I saw what he’s accomplished and what he’s setting out to do I wanted to learn more. So naturally when I found out he is going to be speaking at the WIRED Speakers series @ Cranbrook (a museum located in the Metro Detroit area) I knew I had to go and help spread the word : ) >>

 “Learn how a new breed of designers is responding to humanitarian crises and rethinking the social and economic future of the more than two billion people worldwide currently surviving in sub-standard living conditions. Architecture for Humanity co-founder Cameron Sinclair will explore these issues when he visits Cranbrook Art Museum on April 12 at 7pm as part of the Wired Speaker Series.Frustrated that less than two percent of the world benefits from architectural services and that one in seven people live in slum settlements, Sinclair co-founded the non-profit Architecture for Humanity to help find architecture solutions to humanitarian crises and brings design services to communities in need. For the last six years his team has initiated and implemented a number of programs including post-Katrina disaster relief in New Orleans; housing ideas for returning refugees in Kosovo; mobile health clinics to combat HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa; mine clearance programs and playground building in the Balkans; and disaster recovery assistance in Grenada, India, Iran and Sri Lanka.”… In 2004, Fortune Magazine recognized him as one seven people changing the world for the better and his organization was the recipient of the ASID Design for Humanity Award. More recently, he received the 2005 Lewis Mumford Award for Peace and was one of three winners of the 2006 TED prize.”  

For more information, call 1-877-GO-CRANBrook or visit

For more information on Architecture for Humanity, visit “

Cameron is definitely kind of a big deal. If you live in the Metro Detroit Area and want to meet up and watch him speak send an e-mail to me > nev {at} idunited {dot} com.

If you don’t live the area or can’t make it,.. do the next best thing and watch this video of Cameron speaking @ TED 07′.

Designer Mints
April 6, 2007, 12:43 pm
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“Designers Nicky Hilton and Nicole Miller have created the ultimate fashion accessory -York Mints tins that benefit the Young Survival Coalition (a non-profit dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness and supporting survivors).”

“The chic arty-looking tins contain soft mints that are surrounded by a layer of dark chocolate and a hard-candy shell.”

And what does sister Paris think?.. “it’s HOT!”

The $25 price tag is a bit steap, but 100% of the proceeds benefit the charity. Now that is HOT!

Via > DallasNews

Frank Water
April 5, 2007, 1:12 pm
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This is by far one of the best water projects I’ve seen! A girl named Katie Harrison along with a small and dedicated voluntary team started an independent, not for profit company called FRANK. Who in the heck is FRANK?

“FRANK Water is an independent bottled spring water company.  FRANK aims to supply the UK’s demand for bottled water in a socially responsible way – by giving the net profits (100%) to technology based clean water projects around the world.

Every one litre of FRANK spring water bought in the UK helps fund 200 litres of clean, safe drinking water for villagers at the FRANK projects in India and Africa.”


Water for Water,.. straight up. How great is that!? Especially considering how serious the worlds water problem is. Can you believe it’s the year 2007 and there is still people in the world who don’t have access to clean water!?!?!

Stop and think about it. WATER. The most basic human right. No access.

While here in America and most developed countries we pay, $1, $2, $3,.. sometimes up to $5+ for a bottle!

Did you know that:

More than a billion (MORE THAN A BILLION!) people in the world today lack access to clean drinking water. The result is that there are more people in the world’s hospitals today suffering from water-borne diseases than any other ailment.

Two million children die every year – 6000 a day – from such infections. Most of them are under the age of five.

The question now is,.. when is FRANK coming to the US? Or when will a not for profit like FRANK be started here? Or better yet,.. when will one of the big brand water companies announce they’re going to do something about this crisis and help?..

While I was writing this,.. I was curious to see how much the big brands were spending on advertising water to us?

I won’t name names,.. but one company I found spent $20million+!!! And in the report it states “Compared to the competition, this budget is about the same” You can read it here.

If a company and their competition can afford $20 million to market & advertise WATER to us,.. imagine how much they’re making off us!?… And imagine how much they could give to help the billion+ humans who have no access to clean water.

Think about it.

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