Socially Responsible Networking
August 3, 2007, 5:19 pm
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More and more social networking sites are popping up and becoming more niche. Move over MySpace and Facebook,.. these new Social Networking sites want to change the world.  The crew over at Coolhunting put together a nice list of some of the new kids on the net >

“Coolhunting have compiled several prime examples, including:

Friction TV, the “YouTube for social activists”,

H.E.L.P, a “telemedecine-based online community of physicians and financial donors bringing advanced medical assistance to disaster zones and areas of humanitarian need around the world”

Kiva, “a site that connects the world’s poorer populations looking to develop unique business ideas to people with disposable incomes while providing a transparent lending platform”.

 For more sites and the full article go here.

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GoodStorm (Music)
August 1, 2007, 1:00 pm
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When we originally wrote about GoodStorm back in January of this year,.. we were telling you about how they newly launched company was letting individuals design t-shirts on their site (they handled all the fulfillment) and let you keep some of the profits. Well it looks like GoodStorm is at it again,.. and this time they’re doing it with music >

“Tagged as “Capitalism Done Right,” GoodStorm‘s Mixtape connects bands and fans together and spreads the wealth. Users are able to create a play list of up to 100 songs from over 2.7 million tracks and then place it as a widget on a personal web site, blog, MySpace or Facebook page where visitors can purchase a track for a shade under a buck. Artists, who need to have signed up and uploaded their work for it to be used — so get uploading, kids — receive 65 cents. GoodStorm takes 29 cents, giving a portion of the profits to various charities and social initiatives like the Save Darfur campaign, proving philanthropically that capitalism, when done right, can be used for the greater good. You get to pocket the remaining 5 cents.”

A great example of “Capitalism Done Right” Great indie bands receive exposure, money is raised for charity,.. and you get a nickle! Yeah I know a nickel isn’t much,.. but like everything else,.. small things add up,.. (plus all you did was copy and paste some code,… don’t be greedy : )

Make your own mixtape here

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