Punk Label Donates $1million to Charities
October 30, 2007, 10:23 pm
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While other music labels are whining about the music industry. Hopeless records is giving money away to causes!

Sub City record label was created 8 years ago by the newly-prolific punk label Hopeless Records when they reached a point of selling more albums than they needed to support the label itself. Louis Posen – founder and president of Hopeless Records – thought it would be a good idea to start a second label that would be devoted to helping out less-fortunate people through donations and raising awareness. The name Sub City in part describes the subsidies it would provide to non-profit organizations, as well as declaring the underground roots of the music and people who are involved. Today Sub City and Hopeless Records are celebrating their million-dollar-milestone. Between Sub City’s sales proceeds and Hopeless Records’ Take Action Tour, the group have donated more than $1 million USD to more than 50 nonprofit organizations.”

Posen describes the charity structure as such:

“We wanted it to be clear to the fans that when they buy a release, 5 percent of the suggested retail list price is going the charity they see on the back of the record and in the literature in the insert and they know that’s coming from the label and the artist and it’s based on gross, not on profits. So they can be very clear what the donation is, where it’s going and who’s giving it.”

Whining and complaining about your industry doesn’t help anyone. So for all the other labels out there. Take some notes from Hopeless Records.

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Creature Hoodie
September 13, 2007, 1:51 pm
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Check out these Creature Hoodies from RocketWorld >

Rocket World’s Creature Hoodie stems from the immensely popular line of gun-toting, renegade animals. Limited to only 444 pieces…. “There are 2 zippered hand warmer pockets, with inside stash pockets, a left sleeve slot for your Sharpie marker and an iPod pocket (with a head phone wire slot)… + plastic nose and plush, toylike ears”….Each hoodie includes a covert, I.W.G. logo embroidered patch that attaches to the hoodie via Velcro.  Rocket World sells additional patches that you can pick up as add-ons.  Also included with each creature hoodie is an exclusive I.W.G. mini figure – Terminator Septimius.”


Looks cozy and comfy,.. and with only 444 available you better hurry up and get one before they’re all gone! Oh and the best part is a portion of the proceeds are donated to select Wildlife Groups. 

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(RED) Shuffle
August 30, 2007, 10:38 am
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The following information could turn out to just be a rumor,.. but for now I’ll help spread the word >

“…..Apple’s future product plans say the company is preparing to add a red-colored model to the line of petite clip-on players, possibly as early as next week…..”

Apple has already released a (RED) iPod nano as well as a (RED) iTunes gift card. As far as the (RED) shuffle goes we’ll have to wait until next Wednesday to find out if you can (really) get your hands on it. That’s when Apple will unveil it’s new products @ San Francisco’s Moscone West convention center. Until then this is just a rumor. It’s true! Go here.

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Bring Your Own Bag
August 22, 2007, 2:56 pm
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Spotted these over @ TreeHugger >

“We can’t think of anything less chic than trashing the environment. Or toting a disposable plastic bag, for that matter. Designer Lisa Leija thought so too when she created Get Hip, Get Green, a line of attention-grabbing reusable bags made from 100 percent non-woven polypropolene with partially recycled materials, and printed with water-based inks. ($24.90 gets you five bags; a portion of the sales go toward The Green Ambassadors, a youth environmental group.)”

Keep an eye out for bags made out of PET (the stuff all those bottles of water you drink are made of) and the use of soy inks on future releases.

Available @ Get Hip Get Green

Safe Sax
August 20, 2007, 4:45 pm
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This story caught my eye >

SafeSax are condom-inspired totes and handbags.  A portion of proceeds benefit AIDS organizations.  The website describes, “Safe Sax offers a new twist on the same old boring purse or bag. With color and creativity, and yes, condoms, we have created products that are fun, funky, fresh and make people stop in their tracks. Partial proceeds from the sale of our products go to non-profit organizations aligned with AIDS prevention and education.”


There’s no doubt the “Safe Sax” is a conversation starter and maybe more ; )

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22 Flavours
August 9, 2007, 4:46 pm
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Check out this tasty project called 22 Flavours I spotted over at JoshSpear >

“All-around lifestyle site Lifelounge launched a new charity project recently called the 22 Flavours project. They’ve invited 22 hot/new/swanky/sweet artists and designers each to design a t-shirt based on a flavor: cotton candy, banana split, strawberries & cream, etc. Each design will be printed on 22 t-shirts and sold for 22 days on the Lifelounge website, and all of the proceeds will benefit a charity to feed the homeless called Street Smart Australia.”

Great idea/concept,..! All the flavours sound great and the designs that have been posted so far are equally delicious. Own a great looking tee and help out a great cause at the same time.  Whoever said,.. “you shouldn’t play with your food..” obviously wasn’t using their imagination. Go visit 22Flavours

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Socially Responsible Networking
August 3, 2007, 5:19 pm
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More and more social networking sites are popping up and becoming more niche. Move over MySpace and Facebook,.. these new Social Networking sites want to change the world.  The crew over at Coolhunting put together a nice list of some of the new kids on the net >

“Coolhunting have compiled several prime examples, including:

Friction TV, the “YouTube for social activists”,

H.E.L.P, a “telemedecine-based online community of physicians and financial donors bringing advanced medical assistance to disaster zones and areas of humanitarian need around the world”

Kiva, “a site that connects the world’s poorer populations looking to develop unique business ideas to people with disposable incomes while providing a transparent lending platform”.

 For more sites and the full article go here.

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