Bitch is Rich
September 4, 2007, 4:20 pm
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Did you know that Leona Helmsley (the hotel and real estate investor who’s worth $4billion) died last week. In her will  Leona left $12million dollars to her white Maltese, Trouble!? What the f_cK!? $12mil for a dog?…

Now before I show you what else Leona could have done with the $12mil,… I will let you know that Mrs. Helmsley left a bulk of her $4biillion fortune to the Leona M and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.  Great! But seriously $12mil for the pooch,… c’mon.

What if she spent $12mil on each of the charities below> 

*Leona could have built 857 PlayPumps with PlayPumps International . Giving 1million men, women and children  access to clean safe drinking water. Currently more than 1.1 billion people do not have access to clean water.

*Leona could have built 750Schools/Computer rooms with Room to Read. Helping hundreds of children each year learn a second language to improve their job skills and further their opportunities in the future.

*Leona could have planted 120million trees with Trees for the Future. You know about that Global Warming thing right? Resulting in violent weather changes and rising oceans; the loss of millions of acres of forest every year and, with it, the extinction of countless species of plants and animals. Yeah.

As you can see $12million dollars can make a huge impact around the world for many [generations] of people. What could our 4 legged friend Trouble possibly do to burn through the $12million >

Deep-muscle massage (pet masseuses can make up to $2,000 an hour)

Psychic readings to life coaching and “cosmic sensitivity.”

Meals prepared by famous chefs.

$25,000 or more on wardrobes.

$25,000 for their birthday party.

Fly around on private aircraft (alone)

Think I’m kidding?.. Read the Forbes article > Lifestyles of the Pets of the Rich and Famous.

Imagine the difference.

{Note to self: Become a billionaire. Do not become lonely}


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