Little (RED) Riding Hood
August 24, 2007, 4:26 pm
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Camilla Engman was chosen by the Converse 1HUND(RED) artists program to design a pair of Chucks for the (Product) RED campaign. Check out her Little Red Riding Hood inspired kicks here >


“For Converse 1HUND(RED) Artists, Engman drew upon the fabled character of Little Red Riding Hood as her primary inspiration. Engman noted, “The artist’s role in contributing to a cause is to try to help us see the cause anew, to understand it, to feel it in a visceral way.” She chose the character for her pluck and bravery, her warmth and kindness, and her iconic familiarity. Indeed, the Little Red Riding Hood character appears in many of Camilla’s works as a recurring motif. “I wanted the design not to interfere too much with the shoe and to be something I would like to wear myself. The Little Red Riding Hood character has appeared in many of my paintings and drawings and probably will again. She has so many attributes that I like,” she added.”

Converse hasn’t started selling Camilla’s kicks yet,. they’re still sampling them. Once they receive enough orders (I’m sure they will) then they’ll begin manufacturing them. So keep an eye out,.. or check back for an update. Congrats Camilla! 

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Absoloutly Gorgeous! Luv em 2 Bits!

Comment by Marnie x

they are just LOVELY!

Comment by hy.hy.

These are AWSOME!!! where can i get some?

Comment by Ashley


Sorry for the delay. in case you didn’t find them already here is the link >

They’re a bit different then the pictures above. Still sweet though!

Comment by Nev

i love these to death…
how much are they and wen are they comin out??

Comment by Chriss

WO ! Do you know were you can buy them from?

Comment by katherin

Have you got any shops in Russia, in Moscow?
Can you give me article of this converse?

Comment by Audrey

i have these!!!;]

Comment by roxy.

I love these to bits. Where can i get some?

Comment by Gracie

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