March 27, 2007, 4:34 pm
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A good friend once told me that > “show is more powerful than tell” It was a great piece of advice and one I try to remind myself of all the time.

The ad below features Shirley Manson for PETA UK and is a perfect example of “show” and not just “tell”.


I hope you can try and remember this picture next time you wish you had something made of fur : )

Via > Houtlust


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What, you aren’t gonna cook it for me?

Comment by zaphraud

Looks like I forgot the stew meat that comes with the coat. Thanks, Shirley!

Comment by benny_boy

Most “fur” and animal based products comes from animals that are not killed in the process. Infact, were it not for their usefulness to humans animals like sheep and cows would be all but extinct now.

Id be able to take peta seriously if their ideas and policies didn’t result in the near genocide of the things they want to save. Mutually helpful relationships with animals is the BEST way to preserve them, NOT being free of animals completely, that is the best way to lead to their extinction. If we don’t need them for anything profitable what do you think will happen? We cut down rain forrests as soon as people need land or wood, that won’t change. Eventually human need will lead to them existing only in zoos.

Stupid Peta, the “fur coat” industry practically is the last reason they even have a habitat.

Comment by haha

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