Ringtones raise money
March 6, 2007, 9:45 pm
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I’ve personally never downloaded a ring tone,.. I prefer to not have everyone around me know my phone is ringing.  Anyway,.. after seeing this story I might think twice about it.

“The Brazilian aid group Cidade Movel is raising money for the Xavante Indians who live in the Amazon rainforest by selling ringtones based on their traditional chants. According to a Reuters article tones like “the hunt song” and “the healing dance” have already garnered tens of thousands of dollars for the impoverished community.”

That’s awesome! Seems like more of this should be going on. Espcially considering how big the ringtone market is —>

“ARC predicts global (ringtone) sales will surpass $5.2 bil by 2008. IDC estimates that by 2007 ringtones will be a $1 bil market in the United States.”

$1b dollar market in the US!? $5.2b worldwide!! Take a percentage of that,.. and well you know the rest of the story. Do something good with it!! 

Via > ALR

Ringtone Stats > IT Facts


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