The (LESS) Campaign
March 1, 2007, 7:40 pm
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I must admit I really like the (LESS) Campaign. (LESS) is a collaboration between Romantic Static and Words Pictures Ideas that allows you to donate to great charities with out buying stuff from a major corporation. Their motto is :


“Join us in rejecting the ti(red) notion that shopping is a reasonable response to human suffering.”

And the Philosophy is true,.. if you truly want to give to a cause,.. why not just donate the entire amount?>.. I actually had this discussion/conversation with a reader when I wrote about Product (RED)  awhile back. His comment went something like:

Stop the Buying.  To Stop the dying.

I agree,.. if you really think that by buying a bunch of stuff that’s connected to a cause is your way of donating,.. well then your missing the point. The point is to become aware of a cause and walk away with the desire and passion to want to learn more about how you can help. At least that’s what I hope happens.

So yeah,.. saying you bought a hoody from the GAP,.. or idUnited doesn’t make you a philanthropist : )

I still think the philosophy of having a product/service connected to a cause is a great. I wish I had more everyday options to choose products/services that donated/supported causes. At the very least allowing me to have that option. 

One thing that comes to mind is bottled water. There’s hundreds of different brands of bottled water. And there’s only one I know that donates to Clean Water projects. That’s Ethos Water,.. and they only give a nickel (which in my opinion is weak,.. especially considering it’s about $2 a bottle and Starbucks owns them,.. anyway) Even at just a nickel Ethos water is expecting to raise $10 Million in just 5 years!! What about Dasani, Aquafina, Fiji, Voss, etc..!! Imagine how much more could be raised?… Just by drinking bottled water…..

What about text messaging?… I get charged 10cents for every txt msg I send (I didn’t buy the plan) Anyway the number of txt messages being sent per day is probably ridiculous (if you can find this figure please let me know) Let’s just estimate it’s 10million and take just 1penny from each 10cent charge.

10,000,000 txt msgs per day x $0.01 = $100,000 a day x 30 days = $3 million a month!

Just by taking a penny! 

Verizon (as of Jan 2007) had 59,100,000 customers! What if Verizon offered to donate a penny a month on your behalf?… You get to choose from a select number of Charities,.. (Like Good Magazine does) 

$591,000 a month. One penny. Not bad. I would join the network.

How about gas? $2.50 a gallon,.. I won’t even get into that.  

I guess the point I’m trying to make is,.. if your spending your money anyway,.. it might as well go toward a good cause. Especially if you end up learning about a cause you never knew about before : )

I’ll leave you a couple of quotes that still make me believe the concept is a good one. And yeah,.. maybe it needs some tweaking,.. (Like PSFK points out,.. Did (Product) RED spend more on advertising then they actualy raised for charity?) but at the end of the day,… Especially here in America (the Capital of Capitalism) We can use the strength of our economy and the habits of our consumerist culture to make a change,.. even if it’s just slightly : )

“Business has now become the most powerful force in society. We cannot solve social problems unless business accepts a leadership role. That in turn requires business to act in the interest of the common good.”

_Ben Cohen > Ben and Jerry’s

 “The prevailing view of trade could be described as commerce without conscience. And conscience is the key way out.”

_Anita Roddick > Body Shop

Thanks if you read all that! I guess that’s what happens when you stop writing for so long  : )

Via > JoshSpear


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