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February 12, 2007, 4:00 pm
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Want to really be original this Valentines day and not buy your girl the typical gifts? Like: flowers, candles, lipsticks, etc (not that there’s anything wrong with that :) Then go check out Oxfam America’s Unwrapped store for some great gift ideas. Here is three we think will make this Valentines day an unforgettable one. >


Birds do it; bees do it… Now you can, too! Fall in love with something that is every bit as sweet as your beloved. Your gift will help small-scale, rural farmers sell their Fair Trade honey. With your support, these farmers will learn how to make a decent living from the products they produce — honey, as well as coffee, grains, and cheese. What could be sweeter? $18


Branch out and plant 50 trees. Trees produce not only life-sustaining crops like avocados and bananas, but they also provide much-needed shade for coffee and other staple plants, and prevent erosion–which means that these trees are a key to economic growth and a greener world.  $30


No need to feel sheepish about this gift! Raising these fleecy critters allows women to create their own income. What’s more, the sheep’s wool is used to make local textiles. When you give this gift, you know it’s helping others, so there’s no need to count sheep — you’re sure to sleep well! $45

For better or worse these gifts will defintely be remembered by your Valentine. Let’s just hope it’s for the better : )


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Thank you for mentioning Oxfam America Unwrapped in your blog! I work with Oxfam America on this project and just wanted to let you know about a new edition: handmade beaded jewelry which supports HIV/AIDS infected women.

It costs $18, and all gift contributions are general donations
to Oxfam America and are fully tax deductible. There are dozens of items in the catalog to suit any occasion, including water jugs, an emergency potty, and a camel, to name a few. Each of these gifts are terrific ideas as an alternative way to give this Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, a special birthday and even weddings. Thanks again for your support!

Comment by sharon

Thank you for supporting Oxfam America!

I work with Oxfam America Unwrapped and thought that you and your readers would be interested to know about the updated Unwrapped Holiday Catalog. Please visit . 22 new gifts have been made available, just in time for the holiday season!

Oxfam America Unwrapped is truly a fantastic way to give back this holiday season. Give the unexpected gift that does good!

Thank you for your support,

Comment by Kathleen

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