Wireless Recycling
January 9, 2007, 4:16 pm
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Do you have any old mobile phones? [this guy does] I’m sure we all have a few old ones in a drawer somewhere. I know I do,.. and for some reason I keep holding onto them like I might actually use them again?.. Anyway we found a great site called Wireless Recycling. Check out what they do >


“Help our environment and the planet. Help a charity and a person in need. And you don’t have to do anything except find the old cell phones collecting dust in a drawer or closet at your home. Simply turn them in, and get a tax deduction!”

You can go to a drop off location closest to your house [just type in your zip] and drop off the phone. Then you get to choose from a list of 16 charities to support [a newer model phone can be worth up to $10. The older models down to a $1]. You can even start up your own local collection as a fundraiser for your own favorite charity! Your choice : )

Helping the environment + helping charity + getting rid of your old cell phones = What are you waiting for? Go get rid of that old brick today!


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Your blog is on the very high level and includes a lot of very interesting information and was very useful for me.

Comment by Angie Welch

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