idUnited gets noticed!
January 9, 2007, 4:41 pm
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Wanted to say thank you to Noah over at ALR (Another Limited Rebellion) Design for noticing us and having such nice things to say about idUnited : ) idUnited turns to the ALR blog daily for inspiration. ALR covers the “space” of “Socially Conscious Graphic Design” on their blog. Great stuff,… Like did you know the new US passports have RFID chips embedded in them? (hint: there’s a legal way to take it out)

As well as creating some really great work as a  graphic design studio,.. ALR is Definitely worth checking out.  

[note to self…]

“conscience capitalism” meets “socially conscious graphic design”? Could make for something interesting in the future. [watch this space]


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I had a look at ALRs site and I must agree, they have a solid set of graphic design skills.

Comment by 10th Way

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