November 27, 2006, 3:17 pm
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I met a really cool company named Personality > The Cause Marketing Agency < over on MySpace,.. (they’re physically located in LosAngeles.) I knew they were up to some really good stuff once I read this >

“We get up in the morning because we believe, despite all the naysayers, that we can change the world. We’re not big-headed enough to think we can do it ourselves, but collectively we can change the world.”

Nicely said! They have a great question up on their MySpace page asking you,.. What’s Your Cause?


Again from their site >

A cause is what gets you up in the morning.

It’s a purpose. An ideal. A goal. A principle.

It can be a specific non-profit organization or a lofty dream that isn’t bound by any corporate structure.

A cause is the belief that the man with the cardboard sign on the corner deserves a second chance; that if Coca-Cola can reach an African village, so can drugs that arrest the spread of AIDS; that the only thing more overwhelming than a hurricane wiping out an entire region is relief supplies and support flooding that ravaged region with hope.

A cause is something that makes you take a stand against a culture sinking into the paralysis of indifference. A cause is something your heart grabs onto and won’t let go.

Sooo > What’s Your Cause? Either drop us a line and let us know (that’s something we encourage here @ idUnited as well,.. so we can work with your favorite NPO in the future) Or swing over to the Personality Myspace page and tell them your cause! Also check out the Personality Blog.

Be Good.


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