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October 27, 2006, 2:32 pm
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I know Google pretty much rules the world when it comes to searching for stuff on-line,.. but check out this search engine powered by Yahoo! that donates money everytime you use it. Pretty cool >

GoodSearch, a Los Angeles-based search engine powered by Yahoo, well, makes you feel good about searching. By designating a charity prior to searching, GoodSearch will designate a donation to the organization of your choice each time you perform a search. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Just imagine what you could accomplish in the name of charity simply by using GoodSearch during your workday alone. Add that to the number of days a year you work, and now you’ve really done some good. So go ahead, make it your browser toolbar and perform a search that really makes you feel good!

Google,.. why don’t you just create GoogleGood Search and make everyone happy? I know I would be :)

Via > Somewhat Frank


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[…] About 3 weeks ago I wrote about GoodSearch (the search engine that donates to a cause every time you use it)  In that post I wished that Google would come out with something similar. Well it looks like someone was listening. Allow me to introduce,..  > jikolp.  huh?.. yeah that’s what I said too. It’s definitely a pretty funky name,.. but don’t hate. […]

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