“Conscience Capitalism”
October 26, 2006, 12:03 pm
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Besides being the current tag line for idUnited,.. “Conscience Capitalism” It seems like those words, or a combination of those words are popping up more and more everywhere I look. (or maybe because i’m always searching for something new to post) Anyway,.. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think it’s because there is a big shift currently taking place in the way individuals are thinking and consuming. And this is all just the beginning. 

I came across a blog entry entitled “The Capitalism of Conscience” and it does a great job talking about this shift >>

“To be “conscious” means to be awake and aware. To have “conscience” is to believe in doing no harm to others, even if the others are inanimate objects. We are slowly awakening to the truths about our society and what it’s doing to our world, and it’s starting to weigh on our conscience. We will do better for ourselves and our beliefs by voting with our wallets, and corporations will hear us (they’re hearing us already). To capture, and continue capturing, the almighty dollar from us, they will have to bend to our buying desires. If they don’t, they know the consequences—whether they come from shareholders or the consuming public. Simply put, there won’t be shareholders or consumers for their products or services.”

To read the entire entry please go visit Wenchypoo’s Blog.


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